Duval Union concentrates on bridging the world of brands, marketing services and new technologies

André Duval & Klaus Lommatzsch were two of the main players who took Duval Guillaume from five people to 250 employees across three countries and two continents. If having averaged €30 million in annual revenue was not sufficient proof of their talents, the 17 Effies they won in a single decade should be. Over at IBM, Microsoft, and IPG Mediabrands, Marc Bresseel was responsible for sales & marketing teams throughout Belgium and EMEA. He was the global CMO for Microsoft Advertising before he ran the top 14 markets for UM and Initiative’s media teams.

After Duval Guillaume was acquired by Publicis, the desire to empower brands – makers and users – never ceased. André started Duval Union in 2013 as an investment vehicle. Klaus and Marc joined in 2014 to lead operations.

Together, André, Klaus and Marc have accrued an extensive wealth of advertising, marketing and technology experience; they have worked across every sector with multinational and national brands in Belgium, Europe and the USA.

The team helps brands perform in the new digital era with a well-honed ability to spot winning ideas and talent. Duval Union concentrates on bridging the world of technology and start-ups with servicing the world of brands. A company that masters customer relevance, Duval Union leverages their know-how to connect talent to brands, so that brands can connect to customers.