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14 September 2020
4 reasons why you can’t miss out on the digital fifth conference #T5THC

4 reasons why you can’t miss out on the digital fifth conference #T5THC


On September the 24th, The 5th Conference on Martech is hosting its second and virtual edition. An international gathering for CMOs and marketing professionals who want to reboot their revenue engine, decode the data landscape and prepare for the era of AI. Not convinced yet? Doubt no more. We’ve got four reasons why you should attend MarTech.

1. NAT – networking apart together

Several members of the Duval Union group (GrowthAgent, Duval Union Academy) are hosting a Covid-proof conference to meet fellow marketing and business professionals. Covid-proof and networking in the same sentence? MarTech makes it happen.

After months of home working in isolation, we want the conference to be a boost for networking opportunities. Get in touch with fellow marketing professionals, meet like-minded professionals and build enhancing business relationships. A pioneering event to network apart together!

The 5th Conference on MarTech is an entirely virtual conference that brings together leading authorities in the marketing-technology field with eye-opening inspirational sessions and practical workshops. 

2. Insights for a prosperous 2021

Buckle up and get ready for powerful insights to embark upon in 2021 and beyond. Technology is all around us and it is essential to jump on the innovation train. Artificial Intelligence -  cited to deliver on many opportunities - is extensively used as a popular innovative solution for everything. But how can you distinguish relevant and qualitative applications from fake?  Renout van Hove will enlighten you on pragmatic and useful approaches to AI and Loes Meys will guide you on incorporating marketing automation in your business.

Learning how to live with and within the current “new normal” gives rise to many questions and a great deal of uncertainty and requires very agile organisations. Luckily AI provides wonderful opportunities to deduce relevant data from the past to build your future. Dr Lee Schlenker from the Business Analytics Institute will take a deep dive in how Artificial Intelligence can help you with upcoming business challenges.

Now more than ever people are spending much of their time online. On the other hand it is even harder to reach and engage your audience. Learn how to use your data to advertise efficiently from Kim Verhaegen and discover new hybrid business and channel models with Bart Heilbron and Michel Lenaerts from Belgian Cycle Factory.

3. Scott Brinker, Michael Humblet, Jonathan Berte, Brennan White … Do we need to say more?

What’s in a name? A lot! We’ve got some very big internationally acclaimed names lined up for you. From founders to CEO’s, from marketeers to business analysts, both national and international.

  • Scott Brinker is VP Platform Ecosystem at Hubspot where he is in charge of the platform strategy and is leading business programs. He also runs, a blog on which he frequently posts, reaching over 50.000 readers. On top of that, he is a bestselling author. Conferences and keynotes are his natural habitat. Scott Brinker will host a keynote on “the short term losers and the long term winners”. Take a look at Scott’s TED Talk “Everyone is a Software Developer”.
  • Michael Humblet is the founder of Chaomatic, a company for growing revenue and optimizing sales strategies. As a sales strategist he hosts his own YouTube channel with 3,16K subscribers and answers concrete questions on how to boost your marketing and sales. He will host two sessions on growth.
  • Jonathan Berte is a home-grown authority. As founder and CEO of Robovision, he is leading a Belgian company that is dedicated to Artifical Intelligence and deep learning for industrial applications. It is his daily mission to introduce diverse sectors to Artificial Intelligence and inspire them with its possibilities. Listen to a podcast with Jonathan Berte about AI and society here.
  • Brennan White is the founder of Cortex. He is a firm advocate about the advantages of AI to creatives and marketers. He knows first-hand how to find a match between AI and creativity and will discuss the case of his own company.

There are no less than 26 top-notch speakers lined up that will inspire you and challenge you at the same time. It is one awe-inspiring line-up that will help you to achieve your potential and encourage you to get the best out of yourself.

4. Data, innovation, growth, automation – you name it, we got it.

Last but not least, there is something for everyone. There are four parallel tracks for you to choose from depending upon your needs, interests and preferences.

The data track will be your preferred track, if you are interested in business models and Customer Data Platforms. For those who instead want to know how to gain an audience and grow it every day, the growth track will undoubtedly address your questions. The innovation track on the other hand will match your interests, if you want to explore the role of Artificial Intelligence. If you are curious about Marketing Automation, the automation track will introduce you to methods, how to’s, do’s and don’ts and how this technology can help to improve the impact and provide more transparency on your marketing activities.

Above all there are both inspirational keynotes with innovative visions that will let you take a glimpse into the future, as well as very specific breakout sessions on particular problems and adequate solutions for issues you are facing the weeks and months to come.

What are you waiting for? Register now! Save your seat and buy your tickets for the conference.