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9 December 2019
Inge Van Belle

Herculean becomes Herculean Alliance


It had been in the air for some time. On the evening of Thanksgiving, Herculean launched their new brand. Herculean is now the Herculean Alliance, the employee engagement expert. Crafting Powerful Workforces since 1999.

Through programs (Aura), moments that matter (Fabrica), platform (Machina), and formats (Arena), we help companies to measure and improve their employee engagement. In the coming years, we will build an alliance of companies with a focus on employee engagement. A Team of Teams, so to speak.


We are a scaleup, following the principles of Verne Harnish. A scaleup grows faster than average (+20% year on year). In the meantime, scaleups have outgrown the start-up phase. They have proven with an extensive customer base that they are not one-day flies.

However, scaleups struggle with specific challenges. According to Harnish, these companies need to focus on four domains:

  • Find their purpose
  • Growth as a person
  • Provide flawless systems and organisation
  • Experiment until they get it right

What? In search of our mission...

Over the years, our offer has been enriched with more concepts and programs. Always with the same Herculean DNA. But because of the more substantial offer, it was no longer clear to the outside world what our sacrifice consisted of. The feedback we received:

Our team felt very well what the Herculean DNA was, but had trouble transferring it to the outside world.
The majority of our customers knew one aspect of what we did. However, they didn't realise our offer is much broader.
The stakeholders believed the time was right to start working on our brand equity. Pink Ladies Games, VTM Kids Trophy, Hercules Trophy are perceived as strong brands... Herculean much less.

Together with our partner Duval Unionist Duval Branding, we started our transformation process last summer. We are very proud of the result, and now can become who we are.