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26 June 2020
Renout van Hove

How we were able to make in a month’s worth’ a time leap of 5 years



In this episode of Kanaal Z Extra's 'Never waste a good crisis' we have Renout Van Hove as our guest. Renout is founder and managing partner of the Martech agency 'Growth Agent' within the ecosystem of Duval Union. While his colleagues at Duval Branding focus more on the 'why' behind a brand, Renout focuses on the 'how'. Discover in this article you can read more about how you can tackle this crisis as an entrepreneur in a digital way. Don’t forget to watch the video below (dutch only).


Dominating the system

Growth Agent uses technology in a smart way for its customers by deploying data in a driven way via CRM, Marketing Automation, the innovative Customer Data platforms and where necessary, artificial intelligence. In this way, Growth Agent helps its clients to create impact on the bottom line by working data driven in favor of overall business efficiency and an optimal customer experience. Growth Agent distinguishes itself from the competition because of their work in a technological agnostic way and believe that their clients need to be able to manage this technology themselves in order to scale efficiently.

According to Renout, unforeseen circumstances are manifesting which were actually about to happen within 5 years. We can notice that many employees still work from home today. It’s all about the value the employee brings instead of the hours he presets. For the functions that can take over 80% of the tasks, it is important to transform your organisation into a value-driven way of working - and move away from traditional, hierarchical and task-driven ways of working. The implemented technology is therefore important. Just as it is crucial for the new type of customer to concentrate on simplicity in doing business, it is a lot more effective for the employee to accomplish tasks with a minimum of effort.

Data equals gold

Today, many organizations and many employees are highly under pressure and the role of Robotic Process Automation or automating repetitive administrative tasks is growing in importance. Growth Agent can help in streamlining and fine-tuning the technology stack and deploying the right technology which has a clear impact on both the employees and the customer experience. Today, only 1% of data in companies is used to positively influence the customer or employee experience. Don't be the 1%guy. Data is the new gold in 2020 and will only gain in importance in 2020.

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