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26 June 2020
Phil Blondé

Why to advertise in times of a crisis



In this episode of Kanaal Z 's series 'Never waste a good crisis' we look at opportunities that a crisis like this offers in the marketing branch. We're talking to Phil Blondé, creative director of Duval Union member Friendship. Take a look at the Dutch video below and read all about the risks that are worth taking according to Phil in this blog post.


Consumer's attention

Advertising agency Friendship works together with brands in order to make their communication and advertising better, more fun and above all more interesting. Friendship acts as an ideas factory that ensures that marketing budgets are used in a more useful and sustainable way.

Our society has gone through a series of changes compared to the past. People are now installing adblockers on their computers and flushing commercial breaks. Then it's important as a brand to realize that your audience is not waiting for advertising. You have to keep in mind what interests and occupies people. Corona has had both a good and a bad impact on this as there are brands that took action immediately while others are waiting along the sideline. For example, Belgian sugar brand ‘Tiense suiker’ has eagerly taken advantage of this crisis by producing hand gel and responding to the new needs of consumers. In this way, this brand has nestled itself deeper in our society.

Time for change

In times of crisis it is not easy to take creative risks to reinvent yourself as a brand. People tend to be more open for change in the face of a no crisis situation where everything is self-evident. It's the risks you take that makes sure you grow as a brand. During this crisis Friendship started looking for new collaborations with clients. This led to the creation of their own FMCG brands and they will soon launch chocolate paste on the market. Friendship is certainly aware that they take a big risk in the current situation. Although, when you’re a good marketeer you should dare to experiment and use a percentage of the budget.

Making the most out of a crisis

Phil Blondé advises fellow entrepreneurs that it is important to look at employees and the environment within the company. Finally, he advises to immediately give a signal to your company's advertising agency and order them to come up with a mass idea on how to get something positive out of this crisis as a company.

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