Cases Overview

Creating awareness and buzz for Novy


Novy chose Duval Union as a partner to put together a team of experts: Duval Branding rebranded the brand, MMBSY took care of the appropriate content (videos, articles, testimonials, ...), and Grava provided for the content distribution and optimisation. To facilitate an optimal collaboration, we organise quarterly meetings, weekly calls, and share documents via Google Drive.

Novy is known as a ‘product leader’ but also wants to inspire and inform people, in order to reach more people and ultimately increase sales through their distributors in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany. We want to make Novy top of mind. We targeted people from the upper social class who are interested in interior design and home improvement.

Together with the client, we defined several KPIs on which we optimise and report. These include the number of visitors to the website, looking up the locations of the distributors, downloading the catalogue, viewing the video We generate visitors to Novy’s website through videos and images on premium websites, niche sites, Facebook and Instagram. We use a funnel approach: we create awareness and buzz through video, display, native and social, and ultimately convert people through search, social, video, display and native. The quality of the creative material meets high standards, just like the Novy products. We want people to dream away and inspire them.

“Working together is essential when wanting to achieve the set KPIs. Therefore, we have chosen to work with various companies within Duval Union. The significant advantage is the open communication between the companies, which will result in a strong and active collaboration to achieve the goals. The outcome: good coordination with unambiguous and successful campaigns.” — Olivier Lambert, Director Marketing Novy