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Golden hands for ESAS


Five years ago, ESAS was faced with a strategic exercise. IT service provider ESAS boasts an entire network of people to install and repair IT and telecoms installations. CEO Robert Decant had been dreaming of becoming the largest IT service provider through acquisitions and consulted Duval Union Innovative Marketing for a bold, new marketing approach.

We began by asking the question: who is ESAS? What is their distinctiveness or unfair advantage? Following an extensive analysis and intense workshops, we discovered that one activity – the field service – was their main strength. That network was unique, not a single IT partner had one of these!

ESAS is able to provide technical assistance to every Belgian customer within thirty minutes. Add to this an acquisition strategy and you have a serious unfair advantage. This unfair advantage is more relevant than ever with the rise of the Internet of Things. They have more than 1,440 field experts who will help you install, maintain or repair all digital equipment. That’s the match with the market! And the results show it: ESAS has now grown to three times its size and is active across the entire Benelux.

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