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Lively show boosts content for Buysse & Partners


For their tenth anniversary celebration, Buysse and Partners wanted to do something special. A substantive, but by no means boring, event that would have CEOs clearing their busy schedules to attend. Holding the middle ground between a television talk show and a conference, the festive academic session took the shape of slow infotainment.

The history of Buysse & Partners – filled with economically uncertain times and confrontations with ethically grey periods – proved to be rich feeding ground for topical discussions, as very little has changed when it comes to successful entrepreneurship.

Naturally, the three domains in which Buysse & Partners invest were discussed: Belgian family businesses, Latin America and iconic real estate. In-depth interviews with Bart Haeck (De Tijd) as a critical journalist alternated with debates in which Wim De Vilder (VRT) acted as a neutral moderator. Tight timing, airy video bumpers and informative video clips kept things going. The entire show lasted 3.5 hours, but never got stale.

Economic heavyweights were invited to talk about each theme. People who can bring a substantive story. But being able to tell a story is one thing; making it clear, concise and fascinating in a live setting is another thing altogether. It’s why Push To Talk meticulously prepared the day together with Buysse & Partners and the journalists.

Main storylines were written, interview questions were drafted and guests were briefed on what to expect, allowing them to prepare in advance. Moreover, they had an idea of what the other guests would be talking about and how much time everyone would be given. The camera crew was briefed on content and timings too, ensuring they knew exactly who to ask for a reaction or picture during the break.

Thanks to the extensive preparations and intensive cooperation with all the stakeholders, Push To Talk was firmly in control. Both the content and the event itself were fully in line with the level of expertise, professionalism and class that CEOs and business partners have come to expect of Buysse & Partners.

The content and the event were fully in line with the level of expertise and professionalism of Buysse & Partners

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