Cases Overview

'In the moment' measurement by Profacts



An important player in the dairy industry was interested in understanding whether launching a new product would pose a cannibalisation threat on the existing range, which consumption moments to focus on and how to identify its consumer. Also, the client wanted to know whether consumers considered the product claims as credible and to what extent they were relevant to the consumer.

We designed an app containing only a few questions that consumers were asked to answer while tasting the new drink. Everyone received a test package at home. The app allowed us to find out exactly what people consumed at what time, if they liked it and what they would have drunk if they had not had this new product. There were 2 conditions within this test: people who were informed about the claims in advance, and those who only received this information afterwards. This allowed us to test the importance and relevance of the product claims.

The fact that every participant had multiple moments of consumption provided us with a very rich and wide range of information and allowed us to map the consumption of the different varieties. Moreover, we were able to find out whether there were differences in assessment for the group that had received context versus those without context.