Cases Overview

A simple, consistent and balanced digital experience for Red Cross Flanders


Simplicity, consistency and balance were the first building blocks of the digital experience we created for Red Cross Flanders. The conversion: a huge increase in visitors, supporters, donations and press coverage.

In numbers: 40% more users, 82% more page views, 2,287 online financial donations, 2,387 registrations for blood donations and 21% more press coverage. Before, people wanted to donate but were unable to do so online.

Turning the situation around meant committing to a drastic overhaul by implementing multiple conversion points. Triggering visitors to donate money, blood, plasma or just a helping hand. Every page and content section is supported by the right call to action block. Giving Red Flanders the freedom to ask for help when and where ever they want. The next step of their digital experience? Adding the possibility of micro-payments to ease the donation flow for loyal visitors and first timers.

“Next to improving the financial and blood donation conversion rates, our website has also proven to be a main news source for an array of journalists. The online updates also eliminate the need for our communications team to send out press releases, which is very convenient. It's been wonderful to see how so many now rely on our website for the latest updates on various news items. It's the nicest compliment we could get.”

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