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Teamleader’s Cheerleaders: ready to conquer new markets


Europe boasts some 23 million SMEs, a fact that didn't escape Teamleader CEO and founder Jeroen De Wit. SMEs that all need invoicing, customer management, project management and more. With some 10,000 customers in 6 countries already relying on Teamleader software, the scaleup was ready for a fresh capital injection to accelerate further development in 2018.

But the team of young guns needed someone that could help drive the company forward following the departure of co-founder Willem Delbare, with a new CTO being sought to follow him up. Having exhausted the more traditional route of recruitment firms to find their next CTO, they reached out to madewithlove to bring specific technical knowledge and bring stability to the team. Consulting on a managerial level as well as overseeing development of the software allowed madewithlove to grow the in-house team from 12 to 54 employees. This way the technical team and the software were able to grow as quickly as the number of users. Today, with a more robust product and a 20 million euro capital injection Teamleader is ready to conquer new markets.

"The madewithlove developers brought some more experience in our team of young talents. Their lead-by-example attitude helped us establishing the required best-practices to grow as a product company."
Stijn Vannieuwenhuyse, Head of Engineering Teamleader