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We design Innovative Marketing Plans that challenge companies and individuals to grow and stay on-trend in an increasingly competitive world. Our range of immersive marketing programs & project management seeks to equip you with the necessary deliverables & knowledge to lead the change, build your unfair advantage and head for the required quarterly results.

Customer Obsessed Marketing Office.

We deliver innovative marketing strategies
and agile project management


Need to strengthen your marketing plan or need support for a specific marketing challenge? We set up a tailored and specialized expert team and deliver a tailored plan.


Looking for an end-to-end implementation of your innovative marketing challenge? We support the marketing leaders and remain in charge from strategy to execution.


Need to fill in a temporary gap in your marketing team, or looking for part time senior marketing expertise? Hire one of our specialized marketers for on site work, or benefit from maximum flexibility with our Marketing as a Service formula.

Research based positioning

Through an innovative set-up of qualitative and quantitative research, we create and validate your ideal brand positioning. Not only in terms of consumer or customer relevance but also in terms of market potential. We will deliver the answers to your key business and marketing questions: how many clients are in the market for your product or service based on this positioning? What will be your share of wallet? What should be your preferred target audience and how can you reach them? And last but not least, you will understand the specific concept drivers, making it a piece of cake to push the right buttons in your market approach.

We transform your marketing plan!

Through an innovative set-up of quali and quanti research, we create and test insights to uncover how your brand can help consumers realize their aspirations and  deal with their anxieties. Setting up research from a marketing POV allows us to define the brand’s needs in terms of product and positioning.

There’s loads of examples showing Influencer marketing can boost awareness and sales. But it rarely happens by accident. With our successful Influencer marketing canvas, we help marketers to carefully choose the right Influencers, build a relationship with them, develop magnetic content and integrate Influencer actions in the broader marketing plan.

Do I need to be on Facebook, or is LinkedIn more efficient? What about Twitter, is it still relevant? And Instagram or Snapchat, is my target audience using it? Based on your company, your products and your marketing objectives, we help you draft your social strategy, choose and set up the right channels, create an effective content strategy and select the right partners for creating your social content. Ans as social is more effective when organic content is complemented with promoted content, we’ll integrate a paid media strategy in our plans, indicating what to invest and which results you can expect in terms of return.

Innovative marketing is not about building fancy one-off campaigns surfing on the latest feature or hottest new channel. It is about identifying the customer journeys, and the most relevant touchpoints – judged to their potential for a given product, time, region, objective – and tailor a LT plan to optimize the use of the most effective channels. And as the world is moving digital, special attention is given to find innovative ways of using digital platforms to stand out and reach objectives efficiently.

Gone are the days of anonymous, faceless relationships. But today, the industry is much focused on the technical aspect of the matter. We help marketers develop a one-to-one strategy aiming at building a personalized relationship with online consumers. Analysing internal and external data allows us to define audience segments and to discover contextual and environmental signals, which in turn allows for a performing data and creative strategy. And yes, we will help you understand and choose the right tech platforms and partners.

Our league of on-trend experts

Carole Lamarque

Founding Partner | Expert Innovative Marketing | Autor Influencers | Keynote Speaker

+32 (0)478 33 70 00

Frederic Vanderheyde

Founding Partner | Expert Innovative Marketing | Agile Marketing Management | Project Leader

+32 (0)496 26 32 95

Klaus Lommatzsch

Founding Partner | Expert Research Based Positioning | Integrated Marketing & Communication Strategies

+32 (0)475 82 40 39

Marc Bresseel

Founding Partner | Expert International Digital Strategies | Innovative Marketing Education

+32 (0)475 70 45 08

Ben Meulemans

Expert Innovative Marketing | Visualisation Marketing | Branding Manager

+32 (0)496 06 59 02

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