Local social media platform

Whilst we are connected with friends and family all over the world, we barely know the people that share and shape our very own neighbourhood? In a time where local communication is very fragmented and all over the place, we have become locally disconnected. Hoplr – the local social network tailored to cities and towns – helps you to interact with your local environment to immerse yourself in local information, initiatives, events and discussions.

You are a citizen of the new digital age, but how do you interact with your environment today? Is it smart and efficient? Think about it. Are you also experiencing trouble to set up a local initiative, to organize an event or to communicate with your local government? The wait is over. Empower yourself and claim back your voice, because a vibrant neighbourhood starts with yourself.

You have a local business or organization, but how do you engage the people in your vicinity? And what about your online presence? Do you also think it’s unfair that large corporates with deep pockets buy all the advertisement space out there? And even if you would pay, are you sure you reach your local audience? Stop this madness. Target the right audience and start expanding your local footprint.

You are a member of the local government, but how are you involving the people that you represent? Through a letter or email, different Facebook groups or just volatile Tweets? And do you really receive all the bottom-up feedback there is to get? It’s time to get in touch. We provide a better way to connect with your citizens by focusing on social engagement and participation that will turn your city into a real smart city.

Join us and become the next local hero!