Our view

Breakthrough innovations alter the way we live. Often whole sectors and categories get disrupted: think Uber and taxis, AirBnB and hotels, Spotify and the music business …. One simple idea can cause major, dramatic change. In a world that develops at a rapid pace, our role is to help brands remain useful and relevant to customers. Our vast experience, specialized knowledge and talent management centres on customer relevance. We lead you to reflect on the value your company offers today plus the meaning it will offer tomorrow – and turn that into a customer-driven strategy.

To help our clients stay in a strong position, we founded Duval Union, a new business consulting, marketing and communications group. We are a collaborative and cooperative marketing ecosystem that combines the know-how of seasoned marketing services agencies with the ambitions of young marketing technology start-ups to fix business & marketing issues of companies. An agent of change that helps Brands and Corporations to enter the new normal of constant innovation & disruption. We consult and execute on business, marketing and communication challenges that help brands to prepare for and adapt to the new now, in thinking more start up, more agile, flexible, and effective.

We combine brains and builders. We bring out the best in both.