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Whether you measure your growth in items sold, people reached or employees hired:  growth is on everybody’s mind.

Once again we've gathered our experts for first class knowledge sharing. This time, eleven business shapers shine their light on GROWTH

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10:00 -10:45

Growing with your budget at the right place, the right time - by Carole Lamarque from Duval Union Innovative Marketing

Finding your growth potential as a company comes as a challenge sometimes. Carole will tell all about how to identify your growth potential with a downsized budget by using the 4 pillar system. And have you ever asked yourself: what’s my unfair advantage? Find out where to invest your budget and where absolutely not. 


10:45 - 11: 30

A method to the influencer madness: how to choose the right influencer for your growth strategy - by Myra Nurski and Eline Vervloet from MMBSY

Do I go nano or macro? How big of a following do we need? What type of influencer should I choose to work with? How and when is a message convincing? Which strategic objective is best suited? Myra and Eline share their expertise in making brands grow with smart influencers collaborations. Like and hit that subscribe button!


11:30 - 12:15

Gen Z ‘the Communaholics’ – A walkthrough on how you can reach a student community from a Zerocopy perspective - by Maxime Carpentier from Zerocopy

Identifying your audience is one thing. How to reach them is another one. Maxime opens up on how he found a thriving community, connected advertisers and students and defined a crystal clear ‘what’s in it for me’ for all stakeholders. A session fit for brands who are looking for surprising touchpoints to reach Gen Z in order to grow. 


12:15 - 13:00

How loyalty grows your business - New touchpoints for a fast-paced society - by Tino Dekkers from Nine O’Clock Somewhere

Investing a lot of time and money in finding new customers or increasing your income from existing customers? Many companies now have to make sharp choices where to invest their money. There is a lot of growth to be found with your existing customers. This requires other touchpoints than a loyalty card or a one-time newsletter. Touchpoints that are made to spend more time together. But why should they? And what are you talking about? In this webinar, Tino shows you how you can set up your marketing mix to get and stay in touch with your customers more often, longer and more intensely. Because seeing each other more often also means buying more often.


13:00- 13:45

Why meaningful branding is indispensable for CEOs to grow - by Marc Wellens from Duval Branding

Consumers are no longer seeking brands; brands are seeking consumers. Is your brand ready to evolve? Marc Wellens showcases how great brands evolve from sign to significance, from insight to outlook. A session packed with dazzling cases and energizing inspiration.



From snapshots to marketing automation - A case study: creating hot leads in a bank - by Alain Glickman Porush from Glickman

Alain gives you a run through of a blossoming transformation. A local bank became an efficient lead generation machine that supports the local branches. Logic and simplicity were used to create hot leads, with a record high conversion rate as a result. For everybody who’d like to crack their lead generation mystery



Pump up the growth: athlete endorsements for expanding your brand - by Robbie Cop from Flying Colours

There’s no I in TEAM. Robbie Cop knows this by head and heart. If you’ve ever considered working with athlete endorsements in your marketing mix, this session is a must follow. Learn all about sportsmanlike marketing and how it can strengthen your brand. 



The ideal threesome: employee engagement, customer experience & growth - by Inge Van Belle and Anneleen Vanlommel from Herculean Alliance

Engaged employees ensure happy customers, which in turn ensure happy shareholders. Plenty of data to be found, but how to know the ins and outs of the matter? And how to use that information to pursue your growth objectives? Leave it up to Inge and Anneleen to shine their light as industry leaders in employee engagement and customer experience. 



How about the one magic metric to measure growth - by Renout Van Hove from GrowthAgent

Data paralysis is a real thing and you might suffer from it. Insert Renout and his answers to all your MarTech questions. What’s the one metric that matters most? And how to get a grip of that metric in an endless pool of MarTech tools? Sleep tight, don’t let the data bugs bite. 



Why marketing, sales and finance should go for a date: Marketing as Cost of Sales - by Dennis Kenis from Grava

You don’t have to be a mechanic to understand what’s going on under the hood. Dennis Kenis, Managing Director at performance agency Grava, advocates for a more open conversation within your company and across departments. Let team Grava help you by asking the right questions. Choosing ROAS or MOAS? Marketing as a Cost of Sales! Design your 2021 performance strategy with confidence and set yourself up for growth



When you outgrow your work tools: easy custom portals and configurators as a solution to complex problemsby Max Acke from Seven Days

The year 2021 will be the year of perfected client service. And luckily for us, the coding gods have designed tools that take us from “Why isn’t this all in the same place? Or at least connected somehow?” to “I wish life was as easy as this experience”. Max of Seven Days tells you all about how to build for convenience and a seamless user experience: from an integrated custom portal to a configurator created to your needs. Make your own business accessible 24/7 for your clients.