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26 June 2020
Marc Wellens

From additional to necessary in no time



Marc Wellens, managing director at Duval Branding is our beloved guest in this episode in our series 'Never waste a good crisis' by television channel Kanaal Z. The entrepreneur Marc tells us how fellow entrepreneurs can make use of this crisis to come out stronger and even more competitive. Don’t forget to watch the video below (dutch only).


Unique DNA

Duval Branding is, as the name suggests itself, a branding agency. They help brands and companies to position themselves on the market from a strong DNA. Even in these changing times, their service remains crisis proof. Duval Branding is not an advertising agency and therefore does not have to count on temporary campaigns. In a sustainable way, they support brands through suitable strategies that help them emerge stronger from this crisis.

Threat or opportunity?

Due to the changed circumstances, this crisis is seen as a major threat while companies are also coming out of it with innovative opportunities. What we especially notice is that young companies are tremendously resilient these days and can emerge surprisingly from the crisis. Duval Branding points the entrepreneur in the right direction on digital channels. Implementation is one thing, but it's all about the proposition that puts the brand strongly in the market.

Today, there are a lot of companies that are looking for collaborations with which they can jointly bring an offer to the customer. An example from Antwerp, chef Nick Bril of restaurant ‘The Jane’ has joined forces collectively with the drunken horse gin and restaurants Kasserol and Racine to offer fun composed aperitif boxes online. These catering businesses had to switch very quickly as they were faced with a compulsory closure from one day to the next due to the coronavirus. They managed to pull off this concept and are planning to cooperate again in the future.

It is by far the most ideal moment to build your brand digitally in a consistent way. This corona crisis still brings with it something positive for entrepreneurs, namely a new source of income.

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