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26 June 2020
Carole Lamarque

A fully digital version of your company in 72 hours


Carole Lamarque, CEO & founding partner of Duval Union Innovative Marketing, is our guest in this episode of the series 'Never Waste a Good Crisis' by Kanaal Z. Duval Union Innovative Marketing is a strategic marketing office that is mainly engaged in writing action plans for entrepreneurs. She provides an answer to the crucial question: How do you deal with the falling turnover that has to rise back as quickly as possible while the marketing budget is still halved? Don't forget to watch the video with Carole Lamarque (Dutch only).

Success formula

Turnover is currently declining for 9 out of 10 companies, people are being put into technical unemployment and some companies are even closing shop. In any case, entrepreneurs definitely want to turn the tide. That's why these entrepreneurs are wondering what they should save, what the marketing budget should be and what they should cut. In solidarity with other entrepreneurs, Duval Union Innovative Marketing completely switched to a digital only company in just 72 hours. You have to keep moving and look for solutions.

Duval Union Innovative Marketing has developed specific workshops for Zoom and Skype. This is more efficient, productive and faster. Carole feels that the impact is just bigger and is therefore not inclined to turn around and thought it was time to work digitally as well. They have guided other entrepreneurs in this, partly due to their 20 years of experience. Duval Union Innovative Marketing is active in various sectors ranging from e-commerce to semi-conductors.

In these uncertain times they have advised and encouraged the government to use technology to communicate. “We advise all entrepreneurs to communicate more on LinkedIn,” so says Carole. Duval Union Innovative Marketing gives away content every week for free. Regaining consumers' trust will take a long time. Trust will have to be gained, but also earned back. Having something to offer certainly can't hurt.

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