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26 June 2020
Inge Van Belle

Are your employees part of the 87%?


Herculean Alliance and Duval Union joined forces to tell a powerful engagement story at the time of this global pandemic. In this episode of Kanaal Z's ‘Never Waste a Good Crisis’ we’re talking to co-founder Inge Van Belle from Herculean Alliance about successful digital ways to tackle this pandemic. Read all about why employee engagement will be a huge asset for your company to overcome this crisis and take a look at the video (Dutch only).

Tackling pain points

Helping companies with the commitment of their employees is definitely not an easy task with 4 generations and several nationalities working together in the same workplace. Employee engagement all comes down to creating a feeling, inspiring employees to be part of a community which strongly relies on leadership, personal growth and mobility within the company. For instance, the influence of any office environment or sustainable entrepreneurship can have a huge impact on the involvement of the employee.

Did you know that 87% of employees say that they do not feel involved with their employer? This very large part of the workforce is a serious problem for sure. The approach of Herculean Alliance is based on different pillars such as consulting, events and their online platform. In addition to that, they have also built their own ecosystem by means of experts and coaches. Together with the experts, Herculean Alliance helps their clients to measure their employee engagement and improve it through their platform which consists of 12 parameters that can influence involvement.

Employee engagement on the rise

Afterwards, the results of these parameters are shared transparently on an interactive dashboard, which contains valuable information for managers on how to detect any pain points in the organization. That way they can easily improve pitfalls. This results in a huge shortening of the learning curve and a huge saving of time and money for companies. At the same time we notice that there are a number of side-effects, an increasing need for informal contact with employees who keep themselves strongly behind a computer screen. Unfortunately you don't know what's really going on and that's something Herculean Alliance wants to take a closer look at. Since the risk of social isolation, burn-out or depression is increasing, it remains crucial to continuously measure the temperature in your organization.

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