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26 June 2020
Mie Van der Auwera

Crisis plus creativity equals opportunity



Mie Van der Auwera is one of the two managing partners at pr/content marketing agency MMBSY, member of the Duval Union Group. In this episode of Kanaal Z’s ‘Never waste a good crisis’ Mie reveals everything you must know about excellent storytelling. Watch the video (dutch only) if you want to know all about it.



Digital storytellers

MMBSY is the expert in the field of storytelling. This cluster is divided into two core activities: public relations and content marketing. In PR, the PR managers create relevance for brands through press releases. Using storytelling for their customers' products/services, they ensure that the information and inspiration is disseminated at the right moment. This assures that the journalist picks it up and then distributes it on their own channels in their own media. On the other hand, content marketing focuses on the channels of the brands and look at the challenges together with the companies/brands. This will be converted into a seeded content strategy with content formats that will be distributed depending on the target group. MMBSY focuses entirely on the end consumer in the story. They always collect a bunch of data around this end consumer who has to receive the message.

As a result of the Corona crisis, some shifts are taking place in the way content is applied to the consumer. This forced MMBSY to adapt its way of telling their PR stories. Every crisis has its unique opportunity and creativity will help you through it according to Mie. At the beginning of this crisis, companies were reluctant to use influencers. Although the maturity leap of digital content has increased enormously. Digital storytelling is pertinent at the moment and influencers are therefore indispensable in this story. They are a special, new source of information and inspiration for a large group of people. In the peak of the corona crisis, these influencers were strongly deployed to spread the important message of 'social distancing' very quickly in their community.

Good is not enough

Get excellent moment to get to authentic storytelling takes place now.  Don't do good storytelling. Do great storytelling. The keyword here is empathy. Stay authentic as a brand and immerse yourself in the target group and then you can actually offer something to the customer. Companies that have already created authentic content in this crisis are already one step ahead of the competition.

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