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26 June 2020
Alain Glickman

Data as a base for decision-making?



It's time for another new episode of the Kanaal Z series 'Never Waste a Good Crisis'. In this episode we have Alain Glickman, founding partner of the eponymous  company. In this blog post you'll learn all about the decisions you need to make when it comes to data. Be sure to watch the video below (Dutch only) to see the interview with Alain Glickman.

Within the ecosystem of Duval Union, Glickman is the data specialist. In short, they translate data into insights and link it to marketing and sales actions. Based on good data insights, Glickman knows exactly whom to offer which products on the right channel and time. For example, did you know that 25% of people changed their purchasing behaviour during the corona crisis? This refers to the purchasing behaviour of people in all market segments and age categories. Nowadays, it's up to the companies to rediscover the customer. In this voyage of discovery, data is crucial and is the foundation for decision making.

Our way of working starts with taking a scan of data and make a start on revenue recovery. You can see this as a gearbox. This enables companies to switch smoothly and respond directly to the changing wishes and desires of their customers. In a nutshell: using data to quickly and efficiently rebuild turnover.

Global impact

This situation has major consequences for the world of data science because data companies now have to respond very quickly. The luxury of experimenting and quietly validating is now unfortunately a thing of the past... Today, modelling has to be done almost in real time. This means that it is no longer enough to look at dashboards to know that things are going badly! They are now looking for the new unknown: ‘How can I reboot my business?’ That's why now it is time to take action and install easy to use analytical platforms.

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