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26 June 2020
Tino Dekkers

Where the tv lacks, eVenting jumps in for help


In our Kanaal Z series 'Never waste a good crisis' we are constantly getting fascinating guests on the floor who teach us more about committed entrepreneurship whilst implementing a digital approach. In this episode, we introduce Tino Dekkers from Duval Union member ‘Nine o'Clock Somewhere’ as our guest. Make sure you don't forget to watch the entire video below (dutch only).


eVenting, the next big thing?

‘Nine o'Clock Somewhere’ strikes back to the internet peak that traditionally takes place in the morning and evening at 9 o'clock. According to Tino, it is crucial to be relevant to your audience at these times of day. During the corona crisis, this peak has risen as well as spread out over the day because everyone was working or staying at home. This allows people to actually be online at any time of the day which is to the benefit of companies.

By creating relevant content for consumers, you give them a reason to visit the internet more often. Nine o’Clock Somewhere help brands and companies to be more visible online. A digital agency developing creative solutions that generate big business. The agency has just launched its 'eVenting' platform in which brands can convince their customers by means of a personal live shopping experience.

This total experience consists of a full-screen broadcast that you follow on your iPad, computer or smart TV where you follow a stylist/seller. In this way, you can purchase products directly without leaving the broadcast by clicking on the purchase button. This ensures that the customer no longer has to visit an independent webshop. The added value for companies lies in the fact that customers can make their purchases via the webshop at any hour of the day. Particularly, they can gather a source of information about their customers and adjust their brand strategy accordingly.

Physical contact meets the online experience

A beautiful combination in which personal physical contact and the online aspect come together. That’s exactly what this platform is all about. Tino: 'eVenting is an exclusive addition to our already existing shopping experience in real life.'

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