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26 June 2020
Dennis Kenis

Do you have visitors or customers who bring in the cash?



In this episode of Kanaal Z's 'Never Waste a Good Crisis' we talk to experienced entrepreneur Dennis Kenis, founder & managing partner of digital marketing agency Grava and member of Duval Union. Be sure to watch the video (Dutch only).

Digital performance

Grava not only provides brands and companies with customers, they also ensure conversion. In short: Grava measures the digital performance of your marketing activities as a brand. They locate the market segments with the highest potential by means of data from the most important platforms such as Google and Facebook. It's all about the right message at the right time, to make sure they convert. In terms of digital performance, Grava belongs at the top of the food chain.

Cost of sales

Dennis Kenis is invariably convinced that digital marketing can limit the impact of this crisis by focusing optimally on online sales and returns. Depending on the situation from company to company, Grava ensures a positive ROI. The result? A scalable story. Grava is a real business partner, it's all about making marketing a cost of sales. At the beginning of this crisis, they immediately approached their customers proactively. That way, Grava can continuously optimize your customer services according to your commercial actions, stock and logistics. Companies that have already invested in a digital approach are now able to be even more efficient and make accurate adjustments. Provided they have the right online sales strategy, they will achieve their intended targets. In short: The digital market has taken a giant leap in maturity during this corona crisis. A lot of people have bought a product online for the first time and everyone has discovered something new. The potential of a digital approach has increased and continues to do so.

From the website to the right campaign structure, a good digital foundation is the key to success. Make sure you have the right resources that are often a combination of in-house talent and partners. Continue to manage marketing activities based on business objectives and ROI. If those objectives suddenly change, the solution will be within easy reach. In the light of a 2nd wave in the fall, there is no more time to lose!

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